2013: Cognitive Neurosciences

The theme of the 2013 edition of the school was “Cognitive Neurosciences: the Frontier of Knowing Ourselves

Programme is available here

Science lectures: Fabiola GIANOTTI (Cern, CH), Federico GIOVE (CentroFermi, IT), Daniela OVADIA (U. of Milan, freelance journalist, IT), Arno VILLRINGER (Max Planck Institute, DK), John WOMERSLEY (STFC, UK)

Media Lectures: Fred BALVERT (MC Erasmus, NL), Silvia BENCIVELLI (freelance journalist, IT), Barbara BOTTALICO (Neuroscience and Law Uni. Pavia), Marco CATTANEO (Le Scienze, IT), Mo COSTANDI (neurophilosophy & The Guardian, UK), Beatrice MAUTINO (Genoa Science Festival, IT), Nicla PANCIERA (science communicator, IT), Connie ST. LOUIS (City University London, UK), Souad ZGAOUI (MC Erasmus, NL)

Directors of the Course: Umberto Dosselli (LNF Director, INFN) and Fabio Turone (SWIM- Science writers in Italy)
Director of the School: Enzo Iarocci
Organising Committee: Rita Bertelli (INFN-LNF ), Rossana Centioni (INFN-LNF), Eleonora Cossi (INFN Press office)