2020 Physics for Human Health

The theme of the 2020 edition of the school is “Physics for Human Health: Fundamental and Accelerators Science for Medicine“.

The most direct way in which Particle Physics and Accelerators Science impact most of our lives will be through their applications in medicine. With the advancement of these technologies, new cancer treatments, advanced imaging and better radio-pharmaceuticals will be available in the near future.
The course will focus on some outstanding techniques recently made available for life sciences and on future perspectives in the field.


Science Lectures: Piergiorgio Cerello (INFN Turin), Giacomo Cuttone (INFN – LNS), Gaia Pupillo (INFN – LNL), Corrado Spatola (University of Catania), Sandro Rossi (CNAO Pavia), Arno Villringer (Max Planck Institute).

Media Lectures: Fred Balvert (Erasmus MC), Delphine Chenevier (ESRF), Eleonora Cossi (INFN Press office), Claudia Di Giorgio (Le Scienze), Martin Enserink (ScienceMagazine), Patricia Fernández de Lis (El Pais), Alessandra Fornetti (Venice International University), Jacopo Pasotti (Science journalist), Giovanni Spataro (Le Scienze), Alessandro Tavecchio (SISSA/ESOF).